Welcome to Barcelona

Womp. The blog post that I have been composing for the last few days has, well, disappeared. Such a disappointment. I must learn the importance of saving something as a draft. This is not a google doc.

Anywho, I have not been as diligent as I hoped to be with this blog, but thus far, I have safely arrived in Barcelona, explored my neighborhood (or barrio) in Sant Gervasi, and walked tons and tons and tons.

My apartment is in a residential but quiet and safe neighborhood. I live right across the street from a grocery store which is super convenient, expect it’s hours are in no way as good as american supermarkets. I must be a local because I already invested in one of those shopper cards, a “tarjeta” to take advantage of sales.

My apartment is fine. Very basic furnishings, white walls, hardwood floors. My room faces the interior and it faces other apartments, like an open air, but closed. It’s looks down into the entry of the building. I was quite surprised when I realized my view is of an inside place.  Yet, my bedroom is spacious enough for me and my belongings, so no complaints there.

Today, we had orientation for the classes I will be taking at UAB. The Sant Pau “campus” was gorgeous. I shouldn’t say campus it’s really just a stately mediterannean-style building with lots of tile everywhere.  Sadly, most of my classes will be at the L’Exiample campus, which is in more of a brownstone looking building, yet probably still a nice one.

UAB Sant Pau campus

Tomorrow, we tour the Barri Gotic and we’re having a scavenger hunt called gymkhana and I’m so excited!  This city has so much beauty and culture everywhere you turn. I’m ready to get lost and find my way again.

Observations since arriving:

  • Ham is in everything. seriously, everything.
  • dogs are everywhere and allowed to go shopping with you…. they are adorable. (Spotted in Zara)
  • I have yet to see a cat 🙂
  • very few people speak English
  • It seems like all the non-touristy places are always closed
  • Meal times are very very strange. Restaurants are not open between 4:30 and 8 p.m.
  • Smaller everything. Everyone is so tiny.
  • Barcelona is very hilly, but quite walkable. The metro, however, is confusing, but somehow efficient so far.
  • Found lots of name brand items in the grocery store- hello laughing cow cheese.
  • Don’t drink the tap. It’s unfashionable. Order agua minerales.
  • All the architecture here is astounding! So gorgeous, everywhere you look its beautiful. Even when you look down, each tile on the sidewalks is imprinted with flowers, dots, or leaves.

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