Thing to carry while out and about in a foreign country

While I’ve been in Barcelona, I’ve created a list of  items that I try to carry at all times when I’m out for long periods of time. Hope you can apply some of these the next time you’re exploring.

  1. Rechargable portable phone battery. I credit this one to my friend Bradleigh, who everyone was envious of in NYC when she was able to charge her phone when everyone else’s was out of juice by 4 p.m. They come in a wide range of price ranges and qualities, but all will give your phone an extra oomph when an outlet is not nearby.
  2. Map. Dorky and touristy? Possibly. Outdated? Definitely NOT! Practical. YES! My street map of Barcelona is huge but it folds up nicely and helps me find every street without any issues. It also doesn’t eat up the limited amount of data and battery power I get on my phone. I don’t mind stopping to unfold this for a few minutes to find my way.  It’s been so helpful so far. If you must use your phone, or want restaurant recommendations, I recommend the Trip Advisor City Guide App which works offline.
  3. Camera. IPhone photos only get you so far. Invest in a quality camera that will last you for years.  You’ll look less like a selfie-obsessed amateur and more like a seasoned photographer.
  4. Purrell and Tissues. They’re light, and easy to carry. Pretty self explanatory.
  5. A Pen. You never know when you need one until you don’t have one.
  6. Sunglasses.  They instantly make you look cooler and are important to protect your eyes.
  7. Small tube of Advil and bandaids.  Simple items for when you get a blister and are in some sort of pain.

Leave behind:

  • Gobs of cash
  • Your passport, carry a copy instead
  • The ten lipsticks in your purse
  • Old receipts
  • Items you think will weigh you down.

Travel smart, pack smart and be safe! That is, in my opinion, the perfect recipe for a day exploring new places. Leave valuables behind and stick to the basics, although be prepared and have what you think you will need.


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