Class Act

I have officially survived my first week of class. Well, it was syllabus, add/drop week, and I will say I actually learned something.

After getting out of my damned Friday International Marketing morning class and the excruciatingly boring politics of developing nations (15 page research paper was not gonna float my boat), I now have the perfect schedule.

My favorite class is hands down The Creative Economy. The professor, Jean-Phillipe Charles is from Belgium, and the class is all about the different types of creativity, creativity versus innovation, and the likes. The  class has people from all over in it: Brazil, Germany, the States, Belgium. I’m meeting lots of international people. Belgian business students do a program where they study in Barcelona for a year (AT 18) then Brussels for a year, then either Paris or London for 6 months followed by an international internship. The very first class we took bits of creativity tests to see how creativity was measured. My favorites were having an object, such as a paperclip, and coming up with all of the different uses for a paper clip. Try all the uses you can think of in the comments!  Another exercise involved drawing. We had a shape and had to finish the shape. Naturally, I drew a puppy with those pointy ears.

On Wednesday we learned about creativity versus innovation. Creativity is thinking up new things and innovation is doing new things, involving an action. The only downside to this class is the midterm on my 21st birthday. 😦

I also managed to get into Digital Photography, which I am very excited about. I missed the first day because of the politics class, but on the second day we learned about Aperture and took practice shots. I can’t wait to build my portfolio with this class.

I am also taking Spanish History of the 20th Century. The teacher, Nuriya (pronouced Nooriyah) is a riot. The first class she talked about her fascination with zombies, and likes to give restaurant recommendations. She told us that the day to get Paella was Thursday. I’ve yet to have paella while I’m here, so I’ll have to give it a try next week.  Meanwhile, spanish history is actually  quite interesting, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the country I will be spending so much time in.  We learned about the Constitutional Monarchy and how the King has no political power, but runs the army. He is also still above the law, and could “technically” get away with murder. The president is in charge of everything government and policy related.

Finally, for my spanish class. It’s a long 4 hour class twice a week. I already feel like my Spanish is improving. The teacher, Roberto, talks solely in Spanish, but not too fast, so I have to devote all my attention to him. I’ve already learned some life changing things. The letter V is pronounced as a B, so every time I’ve been using a word that starts with v like “vivir” or “vestido” I’ve been pronouncing it wrong! IT’s supposed to be pronounced bibir or bestido. Vale (Ok!)


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